Frequently Asked Questions

Why four screens?  Wouldn’t two or three be cheaper?

  • In discussions with theater operators and movie brokers, we were advised that a theater with four or more screens is more competitive and can run movies for longer periods.  Additionally, distributors and producers prefer multi-screen operations for first-run movies, and there are more selections for moviegoers.  It is not for anticipated overcapacity crowds.  Although two or three screens would be cheaper to build, the theater would not get first-run movies or be able to keep the movies as long. A theater with four screens offers Pratt the best options for movie selections and is the best option for having a theater in the long run.


Is the 4-plex sustainable?  What do the operational costs and projected revenue numbers look like?

  • Yes, according to operational costs based on national averages and information gathered from five different surrounding theater operations, this theater is sustainable. With a developed budget, a Pratt 4plex cinema, operating without any construction debt load, can be profitable.


What will the ticket prices be?

  • This will be determined by management, is an operational issue, and will be competitive


How many employees will work at the theater?

  • The estimate that the theater will employ three or four full-time employees and 10 + part-time positions.  This is an operational issue that will be more thoroughly addressed once the theater is running.


Will any of the theaters be available for special occasions?

  • Yes, and a system for reservations and availability will be developed.  There are no plans for altering the design or layout that is on the website.


Who will manage the theater? 

  • There will be a recruitment process just like any position that needs to be filled.  A job description will be created, and a manager will be recruited.


Who owns the theater/who is responsible?  Where will profits go? 

  • The theater will be owned by the Pratt Community Theatre, Inc.  This is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Any and all profits will be reinvested into the community and community organizations.  The board of directors (BOD) will run it as a business and make adjustments to operate the theater competitively.  The BOD is responsible for all functional aspects of the operation and decision-making.


What kind of seats will we have?  Will the armrests move up and down?  Will the seats recline? 

  • The seats will be rocking seats with moveable armrests and cup holders, and they will not recline.  Reclining seats are expensive, require extra maintenance, and cut seating capacity by 25%. 


What is the consensus of thoughts on why this theater would succeed knowing that the other theater didn't?

  • The thoughts surrounding the 4plex project is that it will serve as an economic spark while providing quality entertainment.  It is a draw for the area, a workforce recruitment tool, and will serve to keep more revenue in the Pratt area.  The consensus is based on the numbers, operational costs, what other theaters in similar markets are doing, conversations with them, and the areas’ demographics.  This theater will have amenities not seen in Pratt before.  Feasibility studies have indicated that if the theater is built, especially without any debt, it should sustain itself and be a community asset.


What are estimated yearly operating costs?

  • The board’s research has yielded the following estimates:

    • 25% occupancy numbers based on admissions only = approximately $325k.  Concessions = $160k and other income approximately $10k.  Total = $495k . Expenses = approximately $380k.  With no debt load there is a profit and this is based on 1 daily showing only.     


Why out by Walmart instead of downtown? Has the land for it been bought already? Or if not are there contingent pieces of land if this one was bought out from under?

  • The land has been donated, and we are not looking at any other parcels of land.  Although having a downtown 4plex would be nice, the studies and research done indicated that Pratt did not have a practical location for a downtown 4plex.  The proposed site is at the convergence of two major highways, which should help attract visitors.  It is near PCC, so college students should easily be able to attend movies, as well as near Green Sports Complex, which is a draw when tournaments are in town.  Additionally, the board believes that the 4plex and the Barron can exist simultaneously, which will lead to Pratt having a downtown theater and a theater on the edge of town.


The project is slated at ~$4 million.  What about contingencies related to increased costs of construction?

  • The proposed budget has some room for unforeseen expenses and other certain scenarios.  If additional expenses arise, we will address them as they arrive.


Why is the project being funded privately?  Have other larger movie companies like AMC or Cinemark looked at putting in a theater and decided not to?  Has anyone else done similar studies with similar results?

  • Pratt is too small of a market for larger companies to come in and build.  The only way for Pratt to get a facility like this is through community funding.  There are several smaller operations in Ft. Scott, Concordia, Iola, and Parsons.  We have spoken with all of them about our proposal to verify what we were doing, get their advice, and to plan accordingly.  Theaters like this have been built and run in towns similar to Pratt, and we are confident that the theater will be successful once it is operational.


Are the City or County helping?  Will tax dollars be used at all to subsidize the theater planning, construction, or operation?     

  • The city and county are supportive of the project.  However, no tax dollars will be used to support the operation of the theater.   Once construction is complete and the theater is operation, the only sources of revenue will be ticket and concession sales.  This will not be tax payer dependent and will be supported only when you buy a ticket to a movie. 


Will it have an arcade?  Could we have some bowling lanes too?

  • In order to keep construction costs down, there are no plans for any additional types of entertainment on the site. Expansion or additions are always a possibility in the future.